Granny Flat Builders Sydney

Are you looking to build your next granny flat?… Perhaps your family is growing and there’s a demand for more space. Or maybe, just maybe, you need a private get away or a place you can call your office. While the intention behind your granny flat is sure and true, you might be questioning whether your Granny Flat Builder can deliver on what you’re after.

Knowing What To Look For In Granny Flat Builders Sydney

Choosing the right granny flat builder is easier than you might think. It’s about knowing how to filter out the distractions so that you can focus on the aspects that really matter. Here are four simple ways you can identify the right granny flat builder for you:


Granny Flat Builder Presentation

At first glance, a granny flat builder can often be perceived as a ‘tradesman’. A crafty person that likes to get their hands dirty and get the job done. But did you know that professional granny flat builders operate in a very business like manner?

Not only do they present well, but they’re on time with appointments, extremely organised and are genuinely committed to handling your concerns and questions. In fact, a professional granny flat builder earns your trust because they follow through with what they say.

Your initial conversation with a granny flat builder is a tell tale sign of how things will unfold once the project commences.


Granny Flat Builder Communication

The success or failure of any granny flat comes down to the quality of communication. A professional granny flat builder will always express their interest in listening to you so that they can achieve a better outcome.

The idea being that a granny flat builder is responsible for relaying your ideas into it’s physical equivalent, which requires a strong relationship built on trust and rapport.

The short of it is this. If you’re granny flat builder doesn’t make you feel comfortable at the initial stages, or you feel that communication is random at best, then they’re not the right fit for you.

Skills & Experience

Granny Flat Builder Skills

The scope of works involved with a granny flat build can actually be more complex than the existing building that resides on the property. That’s because there is a vast array of specilaty skills and knowledge involved.

From excavation and setting the foundations right through to building the framework and coordinating the electrical and plumbing requirements.

As a result, your granny flat builder must possess strong experience when it comes to handling this type of work. And remember, it’s important that they are able to present you with previous examples of granny flat builds.

Professional Reputation

Granny Flat Builder Reputation

Whether a granny flat builder is established or relatively new, one thing is for sure – their reputation is a strong indication of who they are and whether they’re the right builder for you.

A professional granny flat builder will always be willing and able to provide you with references from their past clients. That’s because professional granny flat builders work off the basis of their quality workmanship and reputation.

Other Granny Flat Builder Considerations

Prior to commencing your granny flat build you must first obtain the necessary approval from council. By engaging the best granny flat builders Sydney has available will ensure you experience a smooth process. Our granny flat systems and processes will help you manage relevant paperwork and applications to comply with both council requirements and the building code regulations. The team at Granny Flats Sydney are licensed builders with the know how and experience to deliver on a fast and headache free approval.

Remember, choosing the right granny flat builder for you can be easier than you think. Just follow the basic principles identified above and you’ll be sure to find the builder that will help turn your ideas into a reality.