Granny Flat DesignsSo you’ve decided to build a granny flat. But there’s only one problem. With so many granny flat designs available, it is often challenging to know which one to select and whether it will actually receive approval from council. These simple tips on selecting the right design will help you make a better informed decision that is fit for your needs.

What Functions Should Granny Flat Designs Serve?

Firstly, when deciding on the various granny flat designs, it’s important to ask yourself “how do I intend to use this space?”

Is it purely for investment purposes? Perhaps you need the granny flat design to cater for extra space to work from home. Or, is someone in the family getting married or you just need more space for the family?

The answer to this question will form the basis for your granny flat designs – because, as the saying goes, “form follows function”.

How Much Space Should Granny Flat Designs offer?

The next step is to decide on the total space required and type of amenities you may need based on its use.

For example, if a couple is moving into the granny flat, then having a 55 to 60 square metre granny flat design would be ideal to accommodate for two bedrooms, a bathroom suite, kitchen and an open living / dining area. Click here to see an example of a 2 bedroom granny flat design.

On the other hand, if the granny flat is being utilised as a home office, then perhaps less space is required and 20 square metres would be more than adequate – such as a studio design. It’s important to factor in the types of amenities and joinery required to ensure that the space is suitable for your home business. Moreover, should you require more space for staff or file storage in your granny flat designs, then going with a larger design may be more appropriate, such as a one bedroom design that can easily substitute for an extra office.

Granny Flat Designs BathroomLighting Up Your Granny Flat Designs

Whether you’re designing your granny flat for living or office use, remember to factor in plenty of natural light in your granny flat designs to ensure that you maximise producitivity. Lighting up your design is also about the types of material, fittings and fixtures used in the design. However, if your granny flat is for investment purposes, then it may not be necessary to add in all those premium quality fittings.

Then there’s the question about what type of material to use on the external walls. Should you go with full render, cladding, or a combination of both? This one is aesthetically up to you as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One word of advice is that although rendered walls on your granny flat design may look great, it does require more maintenance in the long run.

Am I forgetting anything?

Always be sure that your property fits the basic granny flat guidelines for building a granny flat.

For any questions about granny flat designs please feel free to contact us on 0419 426 682. Alternatively, you may find out more about the granny flat process here.